[Video] Does Your Financial Planner Need to Be Local? Ask Yourself 3 Questions

Chris Ladd

Your financial life is a very personal topic, but does that mean you must discuss it with a financial planner face-to-face? If that's the only way you will be comfortable talking about it, then the answer is yes. However, for others, working with a planner simply because they’re within driving distance is no longer a necessity. In this video we present three questions to ask yourself when deciding whether in-person or virtual meetings are the choice for you. In many situations, the answer may be a combination of both, or you just want to try out the virtual option first.

At TriPrescient, we have always worked with our clients using virtual meetings, so this is nothing new to us. Technology allows us to be more efficient with your time and ours. Interested in seeing what the experience might be like? Schedule a few minutes on our calendar, let's introduce ourselves, and see if it might be for you!

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By Chris Ladd

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