[Video] 4 Tips for Better Money Management

Maury Schneider - MLS Financial Planning

Money management can be difficult, but it is absolutely necessary. One or two bad financial habits can quickly lead to growing debt and even cause you to come up short month after month. Click play to get four tips you can use to start managing your money better today.

At MLS Financial Planning, we believe in

Education - We educate you along the way, so you gain independence and confidence surrounding your financial life.

Understanding - While education is very important, it's equally important that you understand what you're doing in your financial life.

Simplicity - In a complex world, simplicity is at the root of our thinking.

Fun - It's also important to have fun along the way.

We also believe that all of the components of financial planning (cash management, investment planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning, education planning, and estate planning), are important, but not everything has the same level of impact on everyone at the same stage of their financial life. It’s about putting the most effort in the area that has the biggest impact, so you get the best outcome. In our opinion, for most people, between 50% and 75% of their ability to become financially independent is driven by having a great cash management program with coaching.

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By Maury Schneider - MLS Financial Planning

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