Prosperity Wealth Planning 2023 Year in Review

Carolanne Chavanne, CFP®

It is hard to believe that another year has already come and gone! It feels like just yesterday, Prosperity Wealth Planning was preparing our 2023 calendar and determining how we would be spending the coming twelve months. And now, with the year nearly behind us, it seems like a good time to look back and consider what we were able to accomplish this past year.  

2023 was very much a year of growth. We expanded upon some existing client offerings while also adding some new services. First, we decided to divide our Prosperity Planning Sessions into spring and fall schedules so that we would be able to focus more on the topics that mean the most to you. Thanks in no small part to your enthusiasm and interest, we were able to conduct 129 spring Prosperity Planning Sessions, with 130 more completed in the fall. Additionally, we implemented Tax Planning Sessions this past year as a new service for our clients. We met with 38 clients to simplify the understanding of their tax returns and provide strategies to improve their tax situation. 

Our client engagement initiatives showed no sign of slowing down this past year. We stayed connected with you through a series of activities, including our newsletter, in-person and virtual events, and our Supercharge Your Finances educational videos. You may have seen or participated in some of these: 

  • Four quarterly issues of “The Journey”, our firm’s newsletter. 

  • Three Coffee with Carolanne virtual gatherings allowed us to see some familiar faces while discussing important financial planning topics.  
  • Two separate episodes of our Supercharge Your Finances video series covering: 
    • Investing for Today vs. Planning for Tomorrow  
    • Tax Planning (featuring the Prosperity Wealth Planning video debut of Jonah Shafer, CFP) 

  • We were also able to make some new friends along the way through group workshops: 
    • Calty Design, where we held consultations with 36 Calty associates 
    • Three-part Financial Planning Summer Series with the TODOS Business Partnering Group at TMNA in Plano, TX. Topics included: 
      • Creating a Savings Plan 
      • Planning for College 
      • Retirement Readiness 

Speaking of getting out and seeing some friends, old and new, we held several successful client appreciation events: 

  • In May, we got together with clients at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, California
  • In June, we held our Texas client appreciation event at Cru Food and Wine Bar in Plano, Texas. 

  • In October, we hosted a retirement party for Peggy Turner to celebrate over thirty years at Toyota Motor Sales and Toyota Motors North America.

Some other significant accomplishments that provided benefits to our clients included:   

  • Roth Conversions totaling over $1,300,000 to provide for future tax savings opportunities  
  • Required Minimum Distributions and Qualified Charitable Donations totaling nearly $400,000 
  • Setting up four Schwab Charitable Donor Advised Funds for our clients to finance their charitable giving strategies and receive an immediate tax deduction 

2023 was very much a year of growth for the firm as well. We started off early in the year by hiring Jonah Shafer, CFP, as our new Associate Financial Planner. With the contributions from Jenny Molnar, your Client Services Associate, Harry Emery, our behind-the-scenes Chief Practice Officer, and Jonah, Prosperity Wealth Planning was able to achieve another year of solid growth, both in terms of services provided as well as clients served.   

With all that has happened, there are still plenty of things we can all do to prepare ourselves for both the end of this year and the year ahead. Here are two checklists to help you get the new year started on the right track - 

What Issues Should I Consider Before the End of the Year?
Am I Ready for the New Year?

As you can see, it has been a busy, productive twelve months. Your support and ongoing trust in our firm is very much appreciated. Truly, none of this would have happened without you! With that thought in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my profound gratitude to each of you, and to wish you the most joyous of holiday seasons.  



By Carolanne Chavanne, CFP®

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