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Class of 2020: 4 Graduation Gifts That Aren't Cash

Bob Chitrathorn

The class of 2020 has faced the challenge of completing their education amidst a global pandemic - and that’s a feat that shouldn’t go unnoticed. While every class of high school and college seniors is special and should receive recognition, this year’s seniors deserve something special.

While money is a great gift to give, you may want to consider gifting something more unique to the graduate in your life. A special, memorable graduation gift is meaningful for recent graduates who are closing one chapter of their life and opening another (even if it’s not quite how they imagined). Here are four gift ideas that will make more of a sentimental impact than money ever could. 

Idea #1: Photos

Sometimes the best gift is capturing a memory - whether from your graduate’s childhood or more recent years. Pick a picture that makes them smile and reflect on a special moment. Something as simple as a framed photo can be emotional and meaningful for any graduate. Plus, photos and frames are small and flat, which makes them easy for your graduate to pack away until they can put it in their new dorm, apartment or house.  

Idea #2: Books

Books never go out of style, and almost everyone loves a good read. Selecting a book for someone can be an effective way to show you know what they like, and that you put some thought into their gift. If you can, gift a book that reminds you of them. Whether it’s about organization, a great love story, a historical piece or a book filled with life advice, pick something that reflects either you or your graduate as a person. Every time they see your book on the shelf, they’ll think of you. 

Idea #3: A Reminder of Home

With graduation comes new transitions. These changes can, understandably, make our loved ones feel homesick. Gifting a graduate with an item that reminds them of home is always appreciated. Whether it’s a mug with the state they grew up in on it or a t-shirt quilt that preserves their favorite high school memories, a reminder of home is always priceless. 

Idea #4: A Planner

There’s no better gift than one that motivates. After finishing school, the first thing graduates want to do is plan for their next life steps - even in a time when the future feels unclear. That’s what makes a planner such a great gift for recent graduates. The ability to stay organized and focused on what’s ahead can help graduates identify and reach their goals. For a personal touch, customize the planner with their initials. 

Whatever gift you decide to give a new graduate, it’s important to make it meaningful and memorable. Get creative and have fun when picking it out. Use these four ideas as a starting point, and feel free to build on them and personalize to impress your favorite grad. 

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By Bob Chitrathorn

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